The “Perfection” Problem

November 20th, 2014 | Posted in Parenting

the perfection problem

When I tally up the years, I realize I’ve been at parenting thing for some time now. Not long enough to have any true sage advice, because I can’t tell you how my kids turn out yet. In a few years, it could turn out I’ve done everything wrong.

But I have been parenting long enough to see some of the same conversations, topics, and tropes come up again and again, as if they’re stuck on a loop. There’s the this type of parent is ruining future generations articles, the this type of parent is the best for future generations pieces, the pro vs anti vaccination horror stories, the pink stinks/pink is empowering debate, and on and on.  But there is one parenting opinion piece that makes me clench my butt the tightest—the story of “perfection” mom.  Continue Reading...

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Gifts for Awesome Tween Girls

November 18th, 2014 | Posted in 2014 Classic Play Gift Guide, Features

For the Creative Tween


She’s growing up. She has her own style, her own dreams and she’s not afraid to speak her mind. You love her moxie! She reminds you of a younger you, but better. This holiday season, celebrate her new found independence and creativity with a gift from makers who share her indie spirit.

Awesome stuff pouch to hold her favorite sharpies | Pineapple notebook to jot down all her big ideas | Bow Tote Bag because it’s cute but not cutesy | this Black Bow Tie Ring says she loves her geek chic look | And these pillows because she spends a lot of  time in her room, she wants it to look good

Ellie and I had a ton of fun stocking the shop. She curated the collection for girls like her who love art and are transitioning from little kid to teen. You can catch all of her favorites here. Shop indie! Support a maker.

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Tweens and Sleep: What They Need and How to Get It

November 18th, 2014 | Posted in The Tween Years

Sleep tips and advice for tweens

I’d like to introduce you to my soon-to-be teen, Gunnar, he’s turning 13 in a few days and is usually my go-to source for all tween and teen related posts. This week Gunnar asked if he could write the latest tween post, so I give you his thoughts on sleep, how much sleep a tween should be getting each night, how tweens feel about sleep, and a few tips on getting the zzz’s that are necessary for healthy development. Take it away Gunnar!

If you ask any teen when they should go to sleep, the answer will be 9pm, 10pm or even 11pm. When should we go to bed though? If I could choose my bedtime it would be 8:45 or 9pm. I know from experience that if I stay up past 9:30 or 10 I cannot get up the next morning, and when I do get up, I’m exhausted for the whole day. When I stay up late I find myself being lazy (more than usual) and I don’t want to do any physical activity. When I get a full 10-11 hours of sleep, I wake up excited and in a great mood, full of energy.

You might be wondering why do we want to stay up late if we feel so much better when we get a good night of sleep? Continue Reading...

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Family | From Five to Six

November 17th, 2014 | Posted in Features, Parenting

family - thoughts on going from five to six

Families, they come in all shapes and sizes. In a continued celebration of family life, I asked my friend Maggie from Smashed Peas and Carrots to share her thoughts on having a larger family…

What was the transition like going from a family five to six? Continue Reading...

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Happy Friday!

November 14th, 2014 | Posted in Features

Friday links

Happy weekend! Do you guys have anything fun planned? The kids have been begging me to take them to see Big Hero 6. I’ve heard it’s excellent. Have you seen it?

In other news, I’ve been a bit mum on the job update front. I picked up a freelance gig that should last through the month, at least. Cue happy dance. At this point, I’m considering it a win.

It’s been awhile since I’ve share links, so here are some awesome things that recently caught my eye. Oh and none of them have anything to do with breaking the internet. You’re welcome!

-Julia without the Julie
-I love this shop!
-Just stop
-The weather is cooling down, so I’m excited about this
-Molly sent this to me. How cool is that? Jonah’s already requested one for Christmas
-Flashback Friday
-This totally melted my cold dark heart
-I love the things Dooby’s is doing in Baltimore
-Serve this for Thanksgiving. Seriously, they’ll talk about it for years to come! It’s ridiculously delicious
-Are you watching this? I’m hooked!
-Tis the season
-How to host Friendsgiving
-This calls for a spa day
-I’ve stocked some new items! Keep your eyes out for a new holiday shop coming soon…

Have an excellent weekend!!

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Parenting and Identity

November 14th, 2014 | Posted in Parenting

parenting and identity

I’m going to say something I find myself saying a lot lately: the week has gone by so fast! I don’t know if it’s a function of the seasons changing, a new school year (I’ve found the years RACE by once kids are in school all day), hormones, or age, but I feel bouts of nostalgia kicking in. Continue Reading...

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Kids Say

November 13th, 2014 | Posted in Features, Parenting


One of my favorite things about parenting is hearing the quirky, insightful, hilarious, wise-beyond-their-years things that come out of the kids’ mouths. Over the years, I’ve caught little snippets of conversations and jotted them down for posterity.

I asked some friends for funny things their kids have said and combined them with a few from my journal. Here are my some of my favorites… Continue Reading...

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Family | From Two to Three

November 11th, 2014 | Posted in Features, Parenting


The holidays are a time when our thoughts turn to family, so I asked some friends to swing by and chat about theirs. Today I asked my friend Trish, who is one of the most amazing parents I’ve ever met, to share the story of how she and her husband went from a family of two, to a family of three.

How did your son come into your life? Continue Reading...

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