2013 Classic Play Gift Guide pt. 2

by , posted on December 3rd, 2013 in 2013 Classic Play Gift Guide

Ready for more gift ideas? Our cooking guru, Giulia from Audrey’s is here with her picks for her, him and them (the kids). I love it all… -Jen

giulia's picks for her

Leather Cuff Bracelet Fun colours – easy to wear. A perfect piece of jewelry to update my wardrobe.
Recipe Tin Even though most of my recipes are stored online or in a cookbook, I’m still looking for a nice place to keep some of my handwritten recipes. This recipe tin is beautiful to look at on your counter and comes in three colorways.
Serving Tray I love the colour and texture of this serving tray. Not only would it be perfect for my food photography, but it would serve well as a dining room centre piece.
Throw Pillow A beautiful painterly accent to a plain chair or sofa, this pillow works for this season but would fit in well during warmer months as well.
Enamel bowls These simple bowls make me happy. They won’t break and add a punch of colour to your table.
Sheet set I love the colours of this set and the fun theme. It works in different settings and would add some whimsy to the master bedroom.

giulia's picks for him

Japanese Chefs Knife While I’m the one that cooks the most meals, my husband loves good quality knives. One of these would make him really happy.
Wireless Speaker He loves to have music playing when in the backyard or tinkering away in the garage. This would easily replace the big ol’ boombox.
Firewood carrier Nothing beats a wood fire, but dragging those logs from the garage can be messy. This carrier is handy and good looking.
Camp stove This is a camp stove and a charger. It’s small and it’s cool and it would make my husband very happy.
Sea Salt Soap My husband likes soap – not the ordinary grocery store bars, but original, great smelling soaps. This would be a great option and would look great on our bathroom shelf.
Sling Shot Seed Bomb Set Who doesn’t love a sling shot? And this one will result in pretty flowers. Engage your husband in prettifiying your garden.

Giulia's picks for kids

Camper Play Tent This tent is fun and would be perfect for imaginary play.
Modern doll furniture Adding these familiar pieces to your doll house will make things colourful and fun without breaking the bank.
Personalized Memory Game Playing a game with familiar photos would be great fun. Choose photos of immediate family members, or loved ones that live far away, baby pictures of relatives could make for a fun guessing game.
Swoop Bags Want to make tidying up fun? Does your child have a favourite colour? How about these bags for easy clean-up?
Ant farm My kids love bugs and critters. They also love to learn how creatures live and interact, so this cool ant farm would be a big hit in our house.
Accordion Adding music to play is always welcome in our house. How about this fun alternative to drums and keyboards?

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2 Responses to “2013 Classic Play Gift Guide pt. 2”

  1. bp Says:

    December 5th, 2013 at 1:57 pm

    Audrey, my hubby loves good soap too and camping! hahaha! I never really understood it, but hey, if he loves the outdoors, AND smelling fancy, I guess he’s a keeper!!!

    Fun list!


    Jennifer Cooper Reply:

    A total keeper ;) And faaaar better than loving the outdoors and smelling like he loves the outdoors. haha!


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