5 Ways to Help Your Child Resolve Conflicts with Friends

by , posted on April 15th, 2013 in Pepperidge Farm's Goldfish Smiles

While it’s totally normal for our kids to squabble with their friends, it’s still tough to watch. As parents, what can we do? Let them work it out on their own? Jump in? This post is an introduction to a piece I wrote for Goldfish Smiles about 5 ways I help my kids deal with friendships that sour. Click on over, I’d love for you to share your tips and experiences too. 

tips for helping your kids deal with friendship conflicts

“While many of my kids’ squabbles with their friends are easily resolved, there are times when I’ve had to step in…My goal is to help my kids develop independent social skills that’ll stay with them throughout the years ahead. Here are five things I do…” [click here to continue reading]

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