And Now the News…

The I Should Probably Cut Back on Coffee Edition

by , posted on July 22nd, 2011 in News

People, it might be the heat or all the caffeine this morning or the flood of emails in my inbox, or it might be that I was supposed to a deliver a shipment of tutus to the wildly patient and exceedingly amazing aMuse toys*, and they’re still here waiting to be delivered. Whatever the case, I’m feeling the stress.

I suppose it’s good to get the blood pumping in the morning though, right?


Yes, I make a lot of faces. It's rather embarassing for everyone around me.


And Now the News…

from Laughing Squid
It’s one of my favorite films of all time. Learning how it all came together makes me love it even more.

from momfilter
This really does look like so much fun! But I think I need a lesson or two from my kids. Last time I tried, I ended up looking like I was having convulsions.

from Amber Page Writes
Feeling all Zen then turning the page. Sigh…

from Say Yes to Hoboken
You could get me to go almost anywhere if food is involved, even if it involves a tent and the word camping. Seriously though, I’m totally dreaming of an outdoorsy trip now.

from Ohdeedoh
Oh I love and adore this room tour. It’s not only a very sweet room, it was designed by incredibly lovely artists.

and some Playvolution News from the NY Times
Can playgrounds be too safe? I’m intrigued by the conversation. I say why, yes, of course if we bubble wrap kids, they won’t grow. But I also encouraged my kid and all his friends to do this so you may or may not want to listen to me.



*Incidentally, did you know aMuse is the only place you can by the original Ellie Bellie Kids tutus? (same ones as seen here on the People Magazine site.) We have an exclusive arrangement with them because a) they’re a truly awesome toy store and b) they’re a truly awesome** toy store.

**Their awesomeness deserves to be noted twice.

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4 Responses to “And Now the News…”

  1. amber Says:

    July 22nd, 2011 at 2:28 pm

    Thanks for the shout out! I for one, think that playgrounds are too dang safe these days – my daycare isn’t even allowed to put up a swing set because she can’t afford to put a foot of rubber padding beneath it.

    That’s just dumb.

    Jennifer Cooper Reply:

    My pleasure!

    And oh, that is dumb. There’s only one playground in our area that has swings. It’s pretty unbelievable.

  2. Stephanie Says:

    July 28th, 2011 at 2:00 am

    Somewhere along the way on our trip to NC we stopped at a playground with an OLD SCHOOL merry go round. Chase fell off, skinned her elbow, bumped her head and got back on to do it again. It was a deathtrap and she loved it :)

    Jennifer Cooper Reply:

    Chase learned that if you get hurt, you dust yourself off and get back up again. That is a lifelong survival skill that is impossibly difficult to ‘teach.’ Go Chase!

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