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Skeletons and…pasta? Yep! We are back in the kitchen for our art lesson today, with a little science mixed in. I was perusing Pinterest one day, with my 11 year old snooping, I mean watching, over my shoulder when he saw a craft that interested him. I easily forget that my older children like to be crafty just as much as my 6 year old. But all it takes is just a few minutes to turn a regular craft into something more. Before we get knee deep (pun intended) into our skeleton, let’s get some background.

humanskeleton[img source]

A little science is always fun, especially for the older kids in our homes. We will be working on creating endoskeletons today, which are the internal (inside our body) support structures. Endoskeletons provide many functions, and an important one is protecting our organs. Just imagine a head without a skull, one bump on the table or one whack from our baby brother and our brain wouldn’t survive. Our bones are necessary and vital to our survival. How many bones does the human body have? An adult human has 206 bones.

Supplies: black construction paper, white glue, variety of pasta shapes


After gathering your supplies, it’s time to peruse through some photos of the human skeleton, to start I just searched “skeleton of the hand”, and then made my way through different parts of the body. We inspected our own hand, felt around and easily identified the three distinct bones in our fingers, and the two bones in our thumb.

Then we laid out the pastas and worked on a skeleton hand.


Once you’re happy with the placement of the pasta, use white glue to secure them in place.



It was kind of hard to stop just at the hand so we decided to keep going and create the elbow joint and arm.

The possibilities are endless for this one. Fifth grade has a lot of curriculum about the body and the systems of the body, so this would be a great addition to what they are already learning in school. Happy skeleton making!!

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2 Responses to “Art School | Artful Skeletons”

  1. Joya Says:

    January 22nd, 2013 at 9:25 am

    This is great Deborah! My almost 10yr old will be so into this-another favorite!

  2. Deborah Says:

    January 22nd, 2013 at 12:01 pm

    Great Joya! If only we had some lasagna pasta in the house, I think we would’ve attempted the rib cage!! ;)

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