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This art lesson is sponsored by BabbaCo who provide enriching activities custom curated each month for you to engage your kids. Create + Explore + Story Tell + Connect!

Supplies needed for this lesson: several different types of beans and/or rice, at least 4 different types (kidney, split pea, black, lima), cardboard, pencil and white glue

Today we are going to explore the world of mosaics. What is mosaic? Mosaic is the art of making images by putting together small pieces of materials. These images can be a design or a pattern.

What types of images can be created by mosaic? The possibilities are endless! I googled a few images and printed out some samples for my children to look at. Each is unique. These are a few of the samples I found.

Be sure to point out a mosaic where an image of something in particular was created, whether it be an animal, a building, landscape. And then show your child how a pattern can be created from many smaller pieces, or a design. Curved lines can be created, diamonds made, the list goes on and on.

Next it’s your child’s turn! They will be using different types of beans and/or rice to create their own mosaic. The cardboard will be the base where we will glue the items on with the white glue. Be sure before they begin gluing that they sketch out a design/pattern on their cardboard. I cut the cardboard out in 6×6 inch squares, and then using rulers or different sized cups had the children trace a design they’d like. Here’s some of our choices.

Once the sketch on the cardboard if complete, they can begin. I like to recommend they work on one section at a time before they move on. Or even lay out a different bean on each section to make sure they like the look of it before they start to glue.

This is a project that they can do all in one sitting, or do one section at a time with breaks in between. Now it’s time to glue, if the section isn’t too large, they can cover one area in white glue completely and then work on filling it in, before moving on to another section.

And pretty soon they’ve just created their first mosaic. Here’s the mosaics of a first grader, and a third grader.

Kids absolutely love to see their artwork displayed or actually used for a purpose, so feel free to prop it up on your mantel or on a shelf, or make it functional. I applied a layer of Mod Podge over these for a little more lustre, and put them to use decoratively, and as a coaster.

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  1. Caroline U Says:

    July 19th, 2012 at 1:40 pm

    See? I LOVE this project. It’s eco friendly, it’s simple, it’s a great teaching tool and it’s timeless.

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