Art School | Using Negative Space to Create a Winter Wonderland

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cool art project for kids that has them using negative space to create a wintry forest scene

Winter is here! Even in sunny California we have had to pull out our scarves and jackets, it’s been a little chilly! So I thought we should start off our December lessons with a winter tree scene. We learned in the Fall of the Leaf lesson that trees’ leaves start to turn and fall off the branches in autumn, but for winter you’ll notice some barren trees with no leaves at all. So it’s only fitting we create some barren trees for our wintry scene.

You will need watercolor in a single color, the color can be up to you or up to your supply closet. You will also need watercolor paper, a brush, a pen and painter’s tape.


Take your paper and decide whether your scene will be horizontal or vertical and then tape a border around all four edges, leaving about a half inch of the paper on all sides covered by the blue tape. It’ll end up a nice white border for our painting.


Using scissors cut out strips of tape that are long enough to go the whole length of the paper. We found taping the edge to a surface nearby helped while we cut. Cut them so they aren’t perfectly straight, we want them to resemble trees remember and not rulers!

winter wonderland forest art project

After cutting both sides of the tape so that they aren’t perfectly straight, lay them down on the paper, reaching the whole length top to bottom. These will be your trees. Smooth them down nice and firm.

using negative space to create a winter forest

Then take more tape and cut or rip little branches and stick those down on trees, smoothing out all bumps.

this winter forest art project teaches kids about negative space

Once you are happy with the positioning of your trees and branches, take your watercolor and paint over the entire paper. Don’t worry, you can paint right over the painters tape and it shouldn’t bleed.

this art project inspired by nature has kids creating a wintery forest using negative space

Once dry you can peel off the painters tape off and your trees will be revealed.

this winter forest scene is a great project for wintry days

To make them look a little more tree like you can use the pen to add little bark marks or lines.

this art project has kids creating a wintry forest using negative space

Once complete you will be left with a beautiful barren winter tree scene. Welcome December, we are ready for ya’!

this kids' art project inspired by nature, produces art you'll want to hang in the house

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