Bravery + Imagination + Generosity = A BIG Kids Magazine

by , posted on January 9th, 2012 in Creativity

The other night, Dave and I watched a documentary on Milton Glaser. For those you who aren’t familiar with him, he is a super famous graphic designer. In the documentary, Mr. Glaser said something that stuck with me. He said, the designs with the most impact often require your mind to solve a sort of puzzle. He referenced his I heart NY design. Your brain has to do a little work to decode the heart reference and acronym for New York. Consequently, it gets embedded more strongly in your mind.

It’s true of almost everything isn’t it? Some of the most famous actors are ones we try to “figure” out. The best art? The stuff we have to stare at. The best books? The ones we need the cliff notes for. Or maybe that last one’s just me…

Things that require some work, often yield the longest lasting results.

That’s how I feel about the new magazine out of Australia, BIG Kids Magazine. It’s smart, it’s clever and it’s wildly creative. It doesn’t create a straight forward linear line. Instead, what it creates is “an immersive, interactive and imaginative arts experience for children of all ages.”

Some of my favorite things about it: the side-by-side feature where they have kids art next to artists, the animation tutorial and the fact they introduce the kids to beat poetry through a modification of the cut-up technique. (Parents, it’s okay, there’s no mention of William S Burroughs so for the meantime we’re safe.) I mean, that’s some seriously smart stuff!

Now, I will say it’s pricey to get here in the US. It’s about $30 an issue. Shipping from Australia is expensive and the publication is printed on super nice stock. Sidebar: I’ve thought about cutting it up to make prints for the house.

But if you’re able to swing it, I think it would make an excellent creative textbook. You could go through some of the projects together, research the artists they feature and try to create connections between the work.

They’re working on their next issue now, which, I believe is about treasure. I can’t wait to see what they produce.

PS. They’re looking for submission. Check out their site for more info or follow them on Facebook.

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