Our California RV Trip | Santa Monica + LA

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Well, it’s been about three months since we actually went on our road trip, so it’s about time we wrapped this thing up, yeah? In the longest ever stretched out series about a two week trip we’ve reached our final destinations: Santa Monica and LA…

Remember when I said each of us had something we really wanted to see or do on our trip? Well, mine was to have authentic fish tacos. It became an obsession. I really love tacos. Really, really.

After we packed up our RVs and gave away our extra supplies to fellow campers, we hit the road. Our plan was to drive back into LA, drop me and the kids at the hotel so I could check in and have our friend Jennifer rent a car across the street while the guys returned the RVs. Jennifer would then pick the guys up at the RV rental place and return to the hotel. Then, we’d get tacos.

All of that pretty much worked out as planned, except it took longer than expected. Because, well, LA.

While all that was going on, the kids and I hung out at the hotel sipping cocoa and watching TV in the lobby until the whole gang returned. I definitely drew the best job straw.

During our downtime, I searched “best place to get fish tacos.” I had images of ordering life affirming tacos from a charming little restaurant. I had already constructed fantasies of airily waiving my hand at parties, saying in my most I’m-not-pretentious-I’m-just-cultured voice, “Oh we had the best fish tacos from this tiny little shack in LA. It was so quaint. You must try them when you’re in the area.”

But according to yelp, the best place near us was in Santa Monica. Which I later learned is not a suburb of LA but, you know, it’s own city. Yes, I am an east coaster. And yes, I know nothing.

wahoo fish tacos

I also later learned that yelp’s “best place” was a chain restaurant. A large one. Not some small family owned and operated place. I would have to come up with a new story to tell at parties.

But, I got my fish tacos and I was satisfied.

wahoo fish tacos

wahoos fish tacos

After tacos, we kicked around town. We found the coolest art and architecture book store, the best coffee shop (Dave has an amazing ability to find great coffee), checked out the historic pier, rode a carousel, had a street performer throw his plastic sword at us, and avoided the guy with a huge albino boa constrictor around his neck… you know, the usual. That day, three of us agreed, we wanted to move to Santa Monica.

santa monica with kids

santa monica

santa monica carousel

santa monica coffee shop

the refinery - santa monica

That evening, we headed back to LA to met up with Deborah and our friend Kim, who was in town house hunting. We had the best time talking into the night while the kids chatted. Deborah’s son Gunnar was so sweet, he made Jonah some awesome hand-crafted wooden Star Wars figures. He knew Jonah was a fan! After dinner, we headed back to the hotel, got proper showers and crashed. The beds felt like fluffy clouds.

I’m still dreaming of California…

a good night's sleep

What we saw – Historic Carousel

Where we ate – Wahoos

Where we got a cup of coffee – The Refinery

Where we shopped – Hennessey + Ingalls

Where we ate – Pitfire Pizza

And this made me laugh. I’m so guilty of, let’s just say ALL OF THEM

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4 Responses to “Our California RV Trip | Santa Monica + LA”

  1. Sandra Says:

    October 8th, 2014 at 6:18 pm

    Did you go to Huckleberry? Zoe just published her cookbook and it’s amazing! Great breakfast items and pastries. She trained at Tartine in SF.

    Jennifer Cooper Reply:

    Sadly, we did not. But I’m putting it on my list for my next visit!

  2. Allison Waken Says:

    October 8th, 2014 at 6:49 pm

    Aww I wish I would have known I would have given you several fish taco choices that would fit your bill. Wahoos is good (we eat there at least once when we visit) but not for a real fish taco craving! Glad you had a great time!

    Jennifer Cooper Reply:

    I need to get your list! I hope to one day return. I need to experience a “real” fish taco at least once in my life. And yes, Wahoos was good!

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