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Butterfly Container Garden Camp Classic Play Project

Ready to earn the final Camp Classic Play Badge? Let’s make a container garden. While you can plant anything you like, we chose flowers that would attract butterflies. Look for brightly colored flowers with cup or cone shaped petals from which butterflies can use their long tongues to drink. Did you know that some butterflies tongues are as long as their bodies? If you’re not sure what plants are best for butterflies in your area, ask at your local nursery. They’ll love to help you!

You’ll Need:
Plastic planter
Assorted flowers

kids container garden

Step 1
Drill drainage holes into the bottom of your container. Use the largest drill bit you have.

Step 2
Fill the container with dirt.

Step 3
Choose your plants.

Step 4
Arrange plants how you’d like them to look in the container. Make sure you give plants some room to grow.

kids butterfly container garden

Step 5
Plant. Tip: When you’re planting break up the root ball a little bit. It’ll encourage the plant to grow.

Step 6
Give your flowers a nice drink.

Step 7
Add a gnome. Totally optional, but we like a garden with a little surprise.

gnome surprise

Here are more ways you can earn the Gardening Badge designed by Joyce Hesselberth:
Tiny Pinch Pots
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Soda Cap Centerpieces
Garden Art

What’s Camp Classic Play? It’s a week long stay-at-home summer camp where kids can earn badges in five areas: arts + crafts, games + athletics, science + nature, cooking, and gardening. Share your camp experience by using #campclassicplay

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  1. lacy Says:

    July 12th, 2013 at 9:38 pm

    LOVE this :)

    Jennifer Cooper Reply:

    It was very fun. I think he enjoyed using the drill the most. ;)

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