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Art School | Mexican Folk Art

Tuesday, April 15th, 2014

Mexican Folk Art Lesson for Kids featuring painting ceramics

Mexican Folk Art is one of my favorite types of art because each piece is so unique and different. No two are the same! It can be made from many materials and used for decorative or functional purposes. Some items you might see are wall hangings, metalworking, leather, weaving, pottery, toys, and lots more. Artists who specialize in this type of craft did not learn it in school, but rather have learned through apprenticeship. This is when a younger generation works alongside someone older who has worked in the field for many years and can pass down their methods and skills to the next artist.

Take a look at this gorgeous example of Mexican Folk Art in pottery. (more…)

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Art School | Finger Knitting (Video)

Tuesday, April 1st, 2014

finger knitting tutorial with video and step-by-step instructions

Over the course of our Art School series, we’ve explored many different forms of art—from sculptures to wearable art, still life to masks, and collages to mosaics. Today we are going to add to this list by exploring an art form that people of all ages enjoy and has been around for many generations, and that is knitting. (more…)

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Art School | Face Paint: A Study in Art for All Ages

Wednesday, March 19th, 2014

face painting art + social studies lesson

Face painting is a favorite activity for most kids and gets them excited no matter their age. But today we are going to do a little twist on the typical face paint by turning it into an art lesson, a social studies lesson and an exercise in fine motor skills. And for a bonus, your child will be doing the painting. Yes, you heard me right.

For this lesson your child will need: (more…)

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Art School | Cartooning with Organic Shapes

Wednesday, March 5th, 2014

kids drawing lesson: dancing shapes

In art you will often find geometric shapes and organic shapes. What’s the difference?

Geometric shapes are things like circles, rectangles, triangles, etc. They have edges that are clear and we can often refer to them as ‘rigid’ (except in the circle).

Organic shapes are more curved and non-rigid. Their shape seems to flow and can be created with just your hand; no tools, like a ruler, necessary. They’re usually asymmetrical and can be found in the natural world. You can see them in fruits, plants, and animals. Today we are going to create some organic shapes. Shapes I like to maturely refer to as blobs. We’ll also learn a fun way to create ‘movement’ with our shapes.

You will need construction paper and oil pastels for today’s lesson. That’s it! (more…)

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Art School | How to Make Natural Dyes from Fruit

Tuesday, February 18th, 2014

how to make all-natural dyes using fruit
Today we head into the kitchen to make our own all-natural dye. (more…)

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Art School | Modern Stained Glass Vases

Thursday, February 6th, 2014

Modern Stained Glass Art Project + Lesson

Stained glass has been considered a work of art for a thousand years, but it’s usually found in the windows of churches or other important buildings. We learned about one stained glass artist in our Watercolor lesson here. But today we are going to move down through history to the modern works of stained glass, which can now be found in sculptures and three dimensional structures.

When researching this lesson, I came across the beautiful work of a Brooklyn based artist named Tom Fruin. Let’s take a look at this gorgeous example of modern stained glass, this sculpture is on exhibit in Europe. (more…)

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Art School | Magazine Art

Tuesday, January 21st, 2014

using magazines for kids' art projects w/options for different ages + stages

I love an art project that not only can work for all my kids’ ages and grades, but also utilizes things we have lying around the house, in abundance! This lesson does just that. We all love a little inspiration, eye candy if you will. And magazine images of landscapes, foods, nature, etc. can do just that for our kids too. Depending on your child’s age we will touch on different areas of focus you can emphasize throughout the project.

You’ll need to get your hands on a few magazines, paper, scissors, pencil, glue stick and either crayons or colored pencils. (more…)

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Art School | New Year’s Clay Tablet

Tuesday, January 7th, 2014

art project that gets kids reflecting on what's important

With each passing year, my kids become more and more aware of time and the change that it brings. This year I wanted to connect art, mainly sculpting, into our first 2014 lesson. I wanted to mark the New Year with words and meanings that my children felt were important to them.

In researching clay sculptures, I kept coming back to the clay tablets that were used long ago by scribes to write down important events of the day. Reading this, I couldn’t help think about how cool it would be for our kids to create their very own clay tablet! A clay tablet filled with things that they look forward to in 2014, with words or phrases they hold dear.

You will need: (more…)

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