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This Summer Take an Adventure in Learning

Tuesday, June 21st, 2016

3 projects to make summer learning adventurous

Looking for something to keep the kids’ minds active this summer? While free-play is the best, it’s also good to throw in a few more structured activities now and then. Here are a few of my favorite activities to check out. They’re guided but allow for lots of room to put your own spin on things. (more…)

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Happy Earth Day!

Friday, April 22nd, 2016

Earth Day Activities

Hellooooo there people of Earth!

Man, it’s hard to believe I’m writing this while floating on a rock hurtling through space. So weird, right? Weirder than that, you’re reading this on the exact same rock traveling through the exact same space. And weirder than that are all the other people on this rock with us. Look around. There are more than 7 billion of them. SEVEN BILLLLLLION!

Isn’t Earth lucky to have so many of us to take care of her?

Today is Earth Day, so let’s celebrate! Here are some projects to spark conversations, inspire action, and celebrate our beautiful home.

Turn an old teeshirt into a reusable shopping/schlepping bag
Be inspired to hug a tree and blow a kiss to is after you learn some of the things they do for us
Help a feathered friend out by building it a feeder
Observe those smaller than you that call Earth home too
Clean the air around you by bringing some Earth in

Now go out there and show Mother Earth some love!

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Too Precious To Lose

Tuesday, November 24th, 2015

the trust for public land
*This is a sponsored post about a mission I deeply believe in.

Poets have been saying for generations — if you want to feel good about your fate and the fate of man, get off your duff and out into nature. Science supports the poets. Researchers have studied the effects of nature on our brains and the evidence is conclusive: spending time in nature is good for our hearts and our minds.

In fact, it’s not just good, but really, really good. It improves our mood, lowers our blood pressure, and significantly boosts our vitality. Did you know we’re even more caring and generous when exposed to nature? No doubt thanks to all those lovely endorphins at work. So given all the lovely things Nature does for us, isn’t it time we did something for it? (more…)

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Girls and Science

Wednesday, July 22nd, 2015

sally ride

I was recently asked by Green Works to share a story for their #NaturalPotential campaign. You can learn more about their campaign by watching this video. This is my story…

I tried to hide my geekiness throughout most of my grade school years. I don’t know how it happened, but somewhere along the way, I picked up that being smart or passionate wasn’t cool. I mean it was if you were a girl at the tippy top of the class, but for someone like me who was a solidly B/B+ student? Not so much.

I only remember two teachers from seventh grade; both were passionate: Ms. Herrera and Mr. Bell. Mr. Bell taught social studies, sang in a barbershop quartet and spent an entire class period explaining why he was voting for Dukakis. He also imparted wisdom on the usage of extension cords. “Always plug in from the AV equipment to the wall. Always unplug from the wall to the AV equipment.” Mr. Bell’s handlebar mustache was disconcerting, but I respected the man. (more…)

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Earth Day Games & Activities

Monday, April 20th, 2015

What Animal Am I? Earth Day Game via PBS Parents

Looking for a cute Earth Day activity for your kids? Check out this one I created for PBS Parents. It’s scalable so you can spend 10 minutes on it, or, you can have older kids go full geek out and pretend to be a notable Wildlife Biologist. I even did some research and made you a list. Aww yeah, Jane Goodall, everybody!

More Earth Day Activities for Home or School (for you Wild Childs who signed up to be room parents):
Nature Friends Collage
Leaf Stick Puppets
Botanical Bookmarks
Spring Leaf Painting
Butterfly Chrysalis Craft

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Magnetic Ice Skating Penguins

Thursday, January 15th, 2015

printable ice skating penguins - these ice dancers are powered by magnets

Looking for a cute play and learn activity for your little ones? Encourage kids to experiment with magnets by having them create their own toy ice skating rink—complete with whirling, twirling, figure 8 skating penguins. Here’s how…

You’ll Need: (more…)

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Snow Globe Science: Arctic Animals

Tuesday, January 6th, 2015

arctic winter snow globe science craft

Do you ever find yourself looking at Pinterest, when something makes you pause that scrolling finger and say, “Hey, I think I could actually make that!” And you know it wouldn’t end up a disaster and might even resemble the inspiration photo? That happened with this fun project, and I decided it would make a great art and science lesson.

My inspiration came from here. I would recommend this activity for a wide variety of ages (e.g. preschool through elementary). Adjust the level of research and involvement in making the winter scene based on your child’s age. (more…)

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Anatomy Lessons: Best Books and Activities for the Preschool and School Age Sets

Monday, July 1st, 2013

Great activities and books for kids curious about the human body

Don’t you love how different ages of kids have different interests? Those old developmental stages.

On the active side of things, grade 1 was all about mastering the monkey bars and skipping. Grade 2 is about playground games, the more complicated the spontaneous rules, the better. Cherry Bomb or 7 Up anyone?

On the learning side, the girl and her friends have been fascinated by human anatomy. We’re not talking about sexuality – Jen covered that in a post over here (and I’ll have some other resources for that in another post). We’re talking about how the body works. The mechanics. The plumbing. You know, why IS poo brown?

Here are some ideas to satisfy their curiosity. (more…)

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