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How to make a ribbon chandelier for the gift table. Guests write little notes to the mom, dad and/or baby and attach them to the ribbons. After the party, save the notes for the baby book.

My friend Amy just had a baby. He is the cutest thing! So this week MJ, Melissa and Ali are throwing her a shower. We’re all so excited for her and her family.

I’ve been thinking a lot about showers and new babies. Maybe it’s spring, or maybe nostalgia. I had my last baby a decade ago, this year. How did that happen?? But I love showers—friends and family arriving bearing gifts, words of encouragement, and well wishes for the new family. Those well wishes may be a little thing, but to me they meant the world.

Today, I’m kicking off the shower with a ribbon chandelier for the gift table, since it’s often the first stop friends and family make at a shower. “Where should I put the gift?” After guests drop off their gift, they can write a few words to the new mom, dad or baby and pin it to the ribbons. After the party, collect well-wishes from the hanging centerpiece to put in the baby book later on.

This project is incredibly easy and delivers both big “wow” and “aww” factors.

You’ll Need:
a large embroidery hoop
small note cards
straight pins

ribbon chandelier holds well wishes for new mom, dad and baby

1. Separate the interior hoop from the exterior. You’ll work with interior hoop for most of this project.
2. Cut varying lengths of ribbon and tape them in place on the outside of the interior hoop.
3. Once you’ve worked your way around the hoop, tape no fewer than four lengths of ribbon to hang it from. Again tape them on the outside of the interior hoop.
4. The ribbons you’re hanging it from should fall over the top of the hoop and to the inside of the circle. The ribbons that guests will pin cards to fall outside.
5. Now that your ribbons are in place, gently place the exterior hoop over the interior. Tighten it up.
6. Gather the top ribbons together. Tie them into a loop and hang.

Write well wishes for mom, dad, and baby and display them on a ribbon chandelier at a baby shower

how to create a hanging centerpiece to display at a baby shower covered with well wishes for new parents and baby.

That’s it! Let the lovefest begin.

Many thanks to Munchkin for helping us throw this shower. Be sure to check out their Latch Newborn Gift Set. As a mom who both breastfed and bottle fed, I sincerely appreciate that Latch bottles are designed to ease the transition from breast to bottle and back.

latch bottles by munchkin

Munchkin rids the world of the mundane by developing clever, innovative solutions that make family life safe, easier, and more fun. You can find their products at Munchkin.com, Target, Babies’R’Us, Walmart, and Amazon. It’s the little things!

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  2. Amanda Says:

    March 9th, 2015 at 7:27 pm

    This is the sweetest idea!

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