Chalkboard Dice

A Creativity Challenge + Get Outside & Play Project

by , posted on June 22nd, 2011 in Games & Creative Play, Kids DIY


Remember on Monday when I said I wanted to challenge myself a bit this summer? Well, this is my first response to that challenge. I had some boxes left over from shipping and I wanted to turn them into something fun. So with the help of a little chalkboard spray paint, you all know how I love my spray paint, boxes were transformed into reusable dice.



You’ll need:
Cube shaped boxes
Chalkboard spray paint
Chalk (I found sidewalk chalk worked best)

Step 1: Glue the box shut.
Step 2: Spray paint it.
Step 3: Play!



Couple notes about this project:

1. Skip the packing tape and glue the box together. You can use hot glue or craft glue. I found craft glue worked better. If you use craft glue, just set something on top of it so it stays closed while drying.

2. This is best geared towards outdoor playing since the chalk can get messy. If you’re looking for and indoor version, I would recommend spray painting the box white and using permanent marker to write on it. Or you can skip the painting altogether and just write on the sides of the box.

3. I used an 8x8x8 box. I get mine from here, but you can find them at most office supplies stores.

4. You can use the dice for reading (we used ours for word families), movement, math, or any type of game. If you have access to a large blacktop, you could even have the kids draw a game board with sidewalk chalk and play a life size version of chutes and ladders. Add a third or fourth box, and you can use them for a mix and match drawing game.



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