Classic Play Kids’ Art Gallery

I have a great idea. How about we open a museum for kids’ art. You sign up and all the kids who want to put their stuff in there can -Jonah, age 6

And with that simple (and great) idea, the Classic Play Kids’ Art Gallery was born. This is an open gallery to kids would like to show their work. Depending on the amount of submissions we receive, we may rotate pieces so that everyone has a chance to show their art.


Does your child have a work of art he or she would like to share? Click here.

Still Life | Abbey, age 8

Flying | Rohan, age 4

Neighborhood | Colton, age 6

Nuna (grandmother) | Jack, age 4

Pelican | Jack, age 4

Abbey, age 8

The City | Julian Forte

Waffles | Matthew, age 4

Pumpkin Patch | Jacob, age 8

Me Jumping Rope | Ella Hoak, Age 6

Spooky House | Jacob, age 8

Untitled | Rohan L, age 5

Mom + Dad | Rohan L, age 5

october 10 | Rohan L, age 5

Beach Sunset | Aidan, age 10

The Kitchen | Aidan, age 10

Polar Bear | Jonah, age 5

Siblings | Ellie, age 8

General Grievous | Raj L, age 8

watercolor | Ashleigh, age 10

Tree | Sami, age 5

Whale Tale | Abbey, age 8