Cooking with Robot: Root Beer 2

by , posted on March 24th, 2011 in Cooking


Robot’s back! And this time he’s showing kids a quick and easy way to make their very own root beer.

Note: This recipe requires the stove.

Here’s what I love about this activity and why I want to share it with you:

Kids get to experiment with flavor which doubles as a science lesson about tastebuds.

It puts kids in control of how much sugar goes in their beverages. Why leave it up to the soda manufacturers to decide? Teach kids moderation now and it’ll be far easier for them to make good food decisions on their own when you’re not around.

Not only can you have conversations about moderation, you can talk about all sorts of things like: sugar, what goes in snack foods/drinks, economics (Hey, look how inexpensive it is to make soda! Why does it cost more at the store?) and marketing (If I had a soda company, I’d name it… my commercial would be…)

Plus it’s great for a cooking themed party or play date.



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