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by , posted on August 18th, 2014 in Arts & Crafts, The Tween Years

DIY backpack charm

These cute and simple backpack charms totally rule for back to school! I love how they are so very eighties-meets-the-now with the fun mix of texting acronyms and pony beads. With a quick trip to the bead aisle of your friendly neighborhood craft store you will find all the affordable materials you need to make a whole bunch of these little charms. Make some for you, a few for your BFF and that kid that always makes you LOL.

You’ll Need
Plastic lanyard string
Pony beads
Letter beads
Clips (often sold with key rings)

how to

Step one
Cut a piece of string about 12″ long and fold in half.

Step Two
Thread your clip so that it rests in the fold you’ve made.

Step Three
With your string folded, thread three pony beads on your doubled string, pushing them up to the clip.

backpack charms

Step Four
Add your letter beads. You can do acronyms like LOL, BFF, XOXO, YOLO. Names would be cool too!

Step Five
Add three more pony beads.

backpack charms
Step Six
Tie the end of the strings in a simple knot, pulling tight. You might want to trim some of the excess, leaving just short tails.

Step Seven
Clip them to your backpack and head off to school in style!

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