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Even as a crafter, I’m prone to decision making meltdowns in the glue stick aisle of the craft store. It’s true. So, I’ve decided that what really attracts me the most to a craft project is the simplicity. As a busy parent, the fewer materials needed to complete the project, the better. An added bonus is crafting something that is not time-sensitive. That way I can stop and start the project in between checking homework and flipping grilled cheese sandwiches, if necessary.

So today I’m sharing with you a project that requires only a few materials. This is an idea for making a fun Pom-Pom Arrangement. You can use this arrangement anywhere in your home. Think: children’s bedrooms, living room mantles or even as the table decor for a laid back dinner party.

Ready to get started?

Here’s what you will need:
Yarn. Use any color. I used black and white.
Spray paint Use any color. I used gold.
Fork or Pom-Pom Maker: Optional if you want to use your hands. I’ll show you how.
A Vase or Vases

supplies for pompom arrangement

Step 1
Spray paint your branches then allow them to dry. Once dry you can go ahead and arrange them in a vase or leave them out if you want to decorate using just branches.

Pro Tip: when arranging in a vase the rule of thumb (if you want to get technical in floral design) is that the height of the vase should be no more than 1/3 the total height of the arrangement. However that being said, when designing with branches which should look kind of wild and natural (as opposed to more formal) you can play around with dramatic heights and proportions if you want.

spray paint branches gold

To make your pom-poms you can use a Pom-Pom Maker or a fork or you can use your fingers. Here’s how to use your fingers:

Step 2
Wrap yarn snuggly (but not so tight that it hurts) around your three middle fingers. Play with the amount you wrap around to see what thickness you prefer but obviously the more times you wrap the yarn around your fingers, the thicker the pom-pom will be. After you wrap the yarn around your fingers, slide the yarn off.

step 1 pom pom making

Step 3
Once you have the looped yarn in your hand (no longer around your fingers) tie tightly a long strand of yarn around the center of the looped yarn. Tie a knot and leave the long strands hanging because you will use these to tie the pom-pom onto the branches. Actually, you might note in this picture that I snipped those long stands off, then realized later I had to tie another strand around to tie it on to the branch. If you leave the strands, you’ll save that step and save time.

Step 4
Using your scissors, slip them inside the looped edges of the yarn and snip, snip. Snip again on the other side and you are finished making pom-poms.

step 2 snip the yarnstep 3 snip the other side and finished

Step 5
Next you will begin tying each pom-pom to your branches. Typically blossoms bloom on the ends of branches so work from the tips of the branches inward and tie on as many or as little as you wish.

step 4 tie onto the branches

There you have it! You’ve now created blooming pom-pom branches! Lay them flat on a table if you prefer. There are no rules for this one!

finished -1

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4 Responses to “Crafty Home | Pompom Bouquet”

  1. Sarah Says:

    February 25th, 2013 at 2:37 am

    That’s so cute! Now I don’t have to wait for my fiance to buy me flowers to use all my vases ;)

    Caroline Reply:

    Sarah, you are SO right! And since the pom-poms are just tied on, later–if you get tired of them in an arrangement you can pop them off (untie them) and string them into a garland. :)

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    June 7th, 2014 at 4:13 pm

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  3. Miss Manitas Says:

    June 7th, 2014 at 4:32 pm

    So cute!!

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