Easy Homemade Fruit Jam Ice Cream

by , posted on July 31st, 2013 in Cooking

Fact: I eat copious amounts of Ice Cream on vacation. I figure it doesn’t really count when I’m “away”, right? It’s just something that goes together: vacation + ice cream. Last year, Dave and I fantasied about moving to the beach and opening an ice cream/surf shop. Kind of a year-round vacation dream. It was short lived though—neither of us knows how to surf.

Today, the lovely Lacy from Living on Love is here with a delicious ice cream recipe. Enjoy a heaping scoop (or three) in celebration of this last day of National Ice Cream Month. It’s your civic duty. Yum! -Jen

delcious jam ice cream recipe by lacy stroessner of living on love blog

This summer, I have vowed to eat as much ice cream as I can. It’s sort of a “life to the full” thing. (By the way, did you know that July is National Ice Cream Month?!) Like most things in life, I prefer to make mine from scratch. It’s easy, only has a few ingredients, and tastes downright heavenly. I’ve experimented with lots of flavors over the years, creating flavors from Chocolate Cinnamon to Oreo. Last week, I was craving a sweet, cold treat so I decided to experiment yet again. Using some of my homemade strawberry jam, I made this wonderful homemade fruit jam ice cream. With only 5 ingredients, you really can’t go wrong.

2 C milk
1/2 C sugar
1 teaspoon vanilla
1 C heavy cream
1/2 C your favorite fruit jam

In a medium bowl, combine milk, sugar, and vanilla. Stir the mixture until the sugar has dissolved. Then, pour in the cream and stir until combined. Pour the mixture into the bowl of your ice cream maker and churn for 10-15 minutes, when the ice cream begins to freeze and thicken. Dump your fruit jam (any flavor will do!) right into the ice cream while it churns. Continue to let it mix for another 10 minutes or so. At this point, it will be like soft serve. Taste a bite then transfer your homemade goodness into a container with a lid. Let it freeze for a few hours, then devour. As always, homemade ice cream is best eaten outdoors and with the people you love the most. Enjoy!

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  1. Giulia Doyle Says:

    July 31st, 2013 at 1:09 pm

    Jen – the town we go to in Cape Cod (leaving in 1.5 weeks, eeep!) is selling the ice cream store. I mentioned it to Bruno as a career move ;) But at 1.3 million it’s not a cheap business to buy…

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