Happy Friday!

by , posted on November 23rd, 2012 in Features

Are you all stuffed? Whew, me too. I hope everyone enjoyed themselves yesterday! We hosted a brunch for some neighbors who don’t have family in town. It was so much fun. Ellie, my friend and I curled up on the couch and watched the parade, while the guys talked music and Jonah and the rest of the kids played outside. Ahhh…perfection.

Can you believe it’s the start of the holiday season? I’m sad to say we have to brave the mall today. Sigh. I hope, you’re able to find a few moments of relaxation this weekend!

And now the links…

Hottest toy of the holiday season? Well, I think so! *wink* And it’s on sale? Score!

A beautiful reminder to not let it go unspoken. Must put this into practice

An incredible group of women

One of my most favorite series on the web

What these women do with advent calendars is nothing short of genius

Looking for a great gift round up? Molly has it covered

I made this and can attest to its deliciousness

Adorable diy doll house bookcase

Have you ever made your own stockings? Something I should attempt to try?

How cool is this? From your kids’ illustrations to reality.

And last but not least, I do love a good bourbon cocktail

Have a great weekend everyone!

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