Happy Friday!

by , posted on March 30th, 2012 in Features

I have two objectives this weekend:

1. Make frames for artwork for a children’s art show I’m putting together. Fair warning, pretty sure you’ll hear a LOT about the show over the next couple weeks. My first try at ‘curating’ a kids artwork gallery was online. Now, I’m trying it out in the community.


2. Engage in some April Fools’ Day foolery.

In fact, I’ve been collecting a few ideas…

April fools day surprise in a box

Hey kids! We’re having sushi for dinner tonight.

Here’s a ketchup and mustard DIY prank the kids can make themselves

Norman Rockwell was a prankster too.

A list of the top 100 April Fools’ Day hoaxes of all time.

And make sure you check out our very own April Fools’ Day post. It features four of my all-time favorite breakfast pranks like confetti eggs and magically sliced bananas.

Have a great weekend everyone!

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One Response to “Happy Friday!”

  1. Laura C Says:

    April 1st, 2012 at 9:58 pm

    We did the tiny donut trick today. Very fun! Thanks.

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