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Disney World

I hope you had a lovely week. Mine started off sick. Boo. Thankfully, I’m feeling better now, but man, it’s hard to be sick when the kids are off school. Luckily, they’re fairly self sufficient. So my main parenting job during my illness was to say, “stop picking on each other” every so often.

You may have guessed by the picture up there that Disney is on our minds. We’re actually heading there next week. We haven’t been since those pictures up there (can you believe Jonah’s curls?! I just want to eat ‘em up!).

On that trip we spent four hours in the Celebration ER. It was…unpleasant. This should be a different experience altogether.

Next week, while we’re away, I’m handing over Classic Play to some amazing bloggers. I’m excited about the content they’ve put together for you. It’s all vacation all week! We’re kicking it off with Deborah who will share her camping guide for rookies.

And the lovely Lindsay will be taking over the Classic Play facebook page. So you can still get all the updates and conversations going on over there. You can also check in with me on instagram. I’m sure there’ll be some Mickey shots.

Now I’m off to tackle more laundry, pack and tie up a few loose ends. Have a wonderful weekend and week!

Here are some things this week that caught my eye…

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Oh and make sure you check out our very own Jillian’s interview on Cup of Jo on Monday! I can’t believe I’ll be away. Please be sure to tweet, facebook, and share with everyone you know. I’m so excited for her!

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