Houseplants That’ll Make You Smarter

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these flower pots are a cute and easy craft that boosts brain power!

Did you know having houseplants in your home makes you smarter? Science says it’s true, and who are we to argue with science? So today, let’s increase our brain power by making some ahh-dorable planters. Put one in every room and feel that gray matter grow. Ready?

You’ll Need:
Unglazed Terra Cotta Pots with Saucers
Craft Paint in Various Colors
Small Houseplants
Potting Soil

how to make cute pots for your houseplants

Step 1
Draw an even line around the pot. I found it easiest to mark small lines around the pot first, and then connect them. Oh and here’s a note about terra cotta pots. I bought two sets, one from Michaels and one from Home Depot. The pots from Home Depot held the paint better than the ones from Michaels. Upon closer inspection, I realized the ones from Michaels may have had a very light glaze on them.

love how these planters turned out
Step 2
Paint everything above the line white. Apply a few coats allowing each to dry before applying the next. Quick note: I use a foam brush because I like the way it makes the paint lay. But feel free to go rogue and use one with bristles. You only live once, right?

cheer up your home with these planters
Step 3
Paint everything below the line in a color of your choice. Same drill as before: multiple coats and let dry in between. Now is a good time to paint the saucer too.

happy house plants for spring
Step 4
Add a little color around the rim of the planter. You could go ahead and skip this step if you like, but your planter would be sad. And sad planters are just wrong.

how to turn a pot into a happy pot
Step 5
Now let’s have some fun. Take a small paint brush and paint two small black circles for eyes.

tutorial for easy to make planters to brighten up any room of the house
Step 6
It’s time for the mouth. Outline a happy smile in black, then fill it in. If you’re feeling skittish about this step, don’t stress. Just grab a pencil and draw in the mouth, then paint. This project should be stress free. Stress kills brain cells. Again, science.

these adorable planters are so cute! They'd make a great gift
Step 7
Pop in your plant and give it some water. That’s it! Now you’ve added a jolt of happy color to your home and increased your brain power. Ooh, feel those synapses firing. Also, your house has never looked so cute. Go you!

how adorable is this? They're easy enough for kids to make

Psst! Here’s a quick tip about choosing house plants: If you’re going to plant groups of plants together in one pot, it’s best to use ones that require similar light and water. For instance, don’t plant a cactus with a fern. The people at your local nursery can help you choose the best plants for your space. If you’re at a big box store, make sure you read the the labels.

a trio of happy planters - must make these!

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  1. Virginie Says:

    March 19th, 2015 at 11:19 pm

    These are so cute!! What a great and fun idea, thanks for sharing ;-)

    Jennifer Cooper Reply:

    You’re very welcome! Thanks so much for commenting!

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