Leprechaun Treasure Box for St. Patrick’s Day

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printable template for leprechaun treasure boxes

That squirrelly leprechaun. He rearranges our shoes, turns things upside down, and has even been known to leave rainbow colored treats around the house. Unlike Santa or the Easter Bunny, the leprechaun is full of mischief and unpredictability. What’s he going to do this year?

It’s fun to imagine together. Children have the most extraordinary ideas, with no filters or caps on just how fantastical things might be. What would it be like to be a miniature creature? Hiding away your pot of gold at the end of a rainbow? Teasing and tricking people to throw them off the scent of your trail?

We imagined our leprechaun leaving a special golden treasure box, just his size, with rainbow treats! These tiny gift boxes are just the right way to celebrate like a leprechaun. Made from gold and green card stock and glue, they look like little puzzle boxes but are super simple to create. Add some rainbow candies inside for a magical discovery.

Use this template (click here for pdf) to create the treat box. Follow the third diagram to see the dashed lines where you want to fold. I used a cork-backed ruler to create a nice sharp fold for the folding. Once you’ve folded along each edge, carefully glue the short tabs on each side.

leprechaun treasure box tutorial for a fun surprise on st. patrick's day

On the rounded endings of the lid, add small green circles with glue, to create a shamrock for the top of the treat box. When bringing it all to a close, it’s easiest to fold in all three flaps at the same time!

leprechaun treat box tutorial

Add a special gold coin, small rainbow candies, or a silly limerick that only a leprechaun could love!


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  1. susan // fleurishing Says:

    March 8th, 2015 at 11:00 am

    This is so fun – well done MJ!

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