Our Favorite Summer Art Projects!

by , posted on June 30th, 2015 in Art School

Summer Fun Art Tips

If you are anything like me, you long for summer to come and then when it arrives you wonder how you can add just the right amount of routine into your days! My family thinks I’m crazy. I hate the hustle and bustle of school days but am not satisfied with long days in front of the television either. Creating, researching and making can be the simple bridge between those two extremes. These summertime tips and art projects can do wonders for kids’ imaginations and add just the right amount of routine into your summer days.

Make time for art every day
Each day, have a set time or hour that is dedicated to creating. I have found setting an activity up at my dining table the night before is a perfect way for kids to begin the day. Bonus: they won’t start the day with television shows. I know when I had all 3 kids home on summer break, and one or two were still napping age, after lunch was a great time to spend with doing an art project with the non-nappers. Pick a time of day right for your family and get making! You can even turn on some soft music and channel Kandinsky.

Tips for making art all summer long

Take your art lessons outside
If you live in a climate where summer is one of the few seasons you can take full advantage of the outdoors, take your art outside. Porches, sidewalks, front/back lawns, the park, the beach, enjoy the sunshine and beautiful weather. It also means you take the mess outside too! This Summer Sand Art is a great vacation art project if you are near the shore this summer.

Use what you find
Walks and hikes provide wonderful opportunities to gather art supplies and explore new mediums. That walking stick they just found? Have them turn it into a Native American Talking Stick. Those leaves? Grab a hammer and turn them into a painting.

Incorporate art into your travel plans
If you are traveling to a new country, do some research ahead of time on artists native to that land. Some examples could be Mexico’s Frieda Kahlo, Switzerland’s Paul Klee, or France’s Claude Monet. Check out the local exhibits at a museum near your home or in a city you are traveling to, and don’t forget to read up on tips for visiting museums for kids before you go!

Love this list of tips for making art all summer long!

We hope you have a successful summer creating art with your children no matter where you find yourselves!

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