Pimp My Ride: Fourth Of July Bike Decorations

by , posted on July 1st, 2013 in Arts & Crafts, Parties & Celebrations

pimp my ride 4th of july style

I love the idea of decorating your bike for Independence Day. Many neighborhoods around the US host bike parades or are simply swarming with kids waiting out the light, full of anticipation and excitement. This is the perfect craft to make those long hours before it’s time for fireworks pass more quickly. Plus, once you are done with your ride, you can use what you’ve made to add festive flair to your home or backyard.

deck out your trike for the 4th

You’ll need:
Red, white, and blue tissue paper
Pipe cleaners or wire

Here’s how to make the most advanced option. Note: there is an explanation of other options at the end of these instructions.


1. Lay out three sheets of red tissue, top those with three sheets of white paper trimmed to about 1” smaller than the red all the way around. Top the white with three sheets of blue, trimmed again about 1” smaller than the white all the way around.


2. Starting with one of the shorter ends fold your tissue like an accordion. Fold up one inch, the flip the stack over and fold up another inch. Continue to flip and fold until you come to the end.


3. Separate your folded tissue by color and trim each end into a point. Then restack them: red, then white, then blue.


4. Fold the whole accordion in half and cinch that spot with a well twisted pipe cleaner or piece of wire.


5. Carefully, starting with the top layer of blue tissue, pull the sheets upward, alternating side to side until you have big patriotic poof.

6. Use the pipe cleaner to attach it to your bike and enjoy a festive ride!

deck out your bike for the fourth of july

For a simplified poof without the points, skip step three. To get a half moon shape, perfect for the back of your bike, simply skip step five, then pull down the bottom of each side of the accordion and tape that edge together on the back side.

Happy Crafting and Happy Fourth of July!

fesitve ride

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