Hot Dog Lacing Card Printable

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Looking to help kids work on their fine motor skills? Check out this fun free printable and make your own lacing cards

Have a preschooler who could use a little extra fine motor practice? These lacing cards are just the thing! Inspired by everyone’s favorite picnic and ballpark food, these hot dogs are ready for their fixings. Just lace them up and they’re done. Now the question is… are you team ketchup or team mustard?

You’ll need:
Card stock
Anywhere hole punch
Laminating machine or a trip to FedEx Office Print and Ship Center

free printable hot dog lacing cards

1. Print pdf onto a piece of card stock.
2. Cut out the hot dogs.
3. Run hot dogs through a laminating machine. Toasty! Note: It costs under $3 to do it at FedEx Copy Print and Ship Centers. That’s where I got mine done.
4. Cut them out.
5. Take your anywhere hole punch and hammer in a set of holes along the center of the hot dog. Since there are three dogs, go ahead and make three different lines to keep things interesting. I’d suggest straight, zigzag, diagonal.
6. Now it’s time to prep the yarn. Cut a nice length of yarn. Don’t make it too long—it’ll just get tangled up. And don’t make it too short—kids will run out of yarn before they finish. Cut it juuuuust right.
7. Wrap one end of yarn in tape to make it stiff. You’ll want about 3/4 of an inch of wrapped yarn to make it easy for little fingers to grasp. And make sure you wrap it tight, so it’s easy to run through the holes in the card.
8. That’s it! The lacing cards are ready.

these free printable hot dog lacing cards are adorable

Wouldn’t these make a cute handmade gift? Just package them up with different colors of yarn (red, yellow, green, white). You could also tuck them into a “busy bag” for babysitters or grandparents to do with the kids.

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