Scene from a Wednesday Morning

by , posted on December 14th, 2011 in The Neverending Screenplay: Not Adapted

Fade in.

Interior – Child’s bedroom. Morning.

Mother, coffeeless. Dad, catching early train. Tensions run high. The house is filled with hustle and bustle, teetering on the brink of full blown chaos.

Mother is hurriedly trying to get 6-year-old child dressed.

Stop fooling around and get dressed!

She puts a long white tee shirt over his head and tugs it down.

Aww, it’s white. I don’t want to wear this. There’s nothing on it.
I mean, who’d want to see this?

Mother sighs, picks up a short sleeved blue striped shirt. One of the kid’s favorites. She puts it over his head. He puts his arms in and smooths it down.

(smiles broadly, puffs out chest)
Oh yeah. Now the magic happens.

End scene.

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