Spies Like Us: Secret Codes pt 3

Invisible Ink

by , posted on March 29th, 2011 in Games & Creative Play, Science Fun

It’s time for another installment in our spy series: Invisible Ink!

As you know from parts one and two, a good spy needs multiple ways to deliver secret messages. You need something up your sleeve should a code get broken.

Today’s method of secret message delivery uses science. Our friend Mithi taught us that certain fruits and veggies contain anthocyanins and that anthocyanins change color when they mix with an acid or base.

For this spy activity, we’re going to use what Mithi taught us and create a chemical reaction between an acid (grape juice/activating agent) and a base (baking soda solution). When acids and bases touch, they create a chemical reaction. This chemical reaction will reveal our hidden message.

Experiment time: See if you can use other acids and bases—ooh! try lemon juice and milk—that will create the same effect.



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