This Summer Take an Adventure in Learning

by , posted on June 21st, 2016 in Games & Creative Play, Play + Learn, Science Fun

3 projects to make summer learning adventurous

Looking for something to keep the kids’ minds active this summer? While free-play is the best, it’s also good to throw in a few more structured activities now and then. Here are a few of my favorite activities to check out. They’re guided but allow for lots of room to put your own spin on things.

summer reading log

Create a Summer Reading Log

Set a goal for how many books your child would like to read. It may help to set up smaller goals to help kids feel a sense of accomplishment and keep them motivated. It’ll also help them avoid the mad-dash at end of the summer to squeeze in all that reading at once. Summer stories should be savored.

love this idea to help the kids stay hydrated this summer

Hydrate with Fruit-Flavored Water

This science and sensory experiment is a fun way to make sure everyone stays properly hydrated and ready to play.

an easy experiment for the kids to try

Dancing Raisins

Sometimes it is nice to set up opportunities for kids to be more structured with their science; things that’ll pique your kid’s interest and expand their vocabulary. That’s where this kitchen science project comes in.

Check out more ways to make summer learning more adventurous on PBS Parents.

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