Teeshirt + Fabric Crayons = An Exercise in Writing & Design

by , posted on August 16th, 2011 in Arts & Crafts, Ideas and Inspiration, Parenting

This morning, my guy grabbed an old teeshirt out of his wardrobe and a package of fabric crayons. Then he raced over to me and asked if he could design his own teeshirt. “Sure,” I said. It’s an old tee and what’s the harm in him doodling a bit.



He worked quietly for a good long while. It was one of those things where it was so quiet, I kind of forgot he was there. And when he showed me the result of his work I’ll admit, I had to do a double take. He actually sat there and sounded out and wrote words independently. There was no pleading with him to practice reading, no coaxing or cajoling. Just him, on his own, drawing, writing and designing. I mean, he tried spelling Millennium Falcon by sounding it out. I was rather stunned.



I have to say, with school starting in just a few weeks, this was a good exercise to watch. It makes me feel less guilty about cracking open the summer workbook only once or twice over the break. I think I’d better get another pack of tees in case inspiration strikes again.



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2 Responses to “Teeshirt + Fabric Crayons = An Exercise in Writing & Design”

  1. Erin (aka bridedesign) Says:

    August 16th, 2011 at 6:49 pm

    Words cannot express how cool I think this is. My first child is in love with writing and drawing and given the option, would probably choose that over any other activity (she’s already an “accessories designer” don’t you know. ;)). I always took her love for writing for granted until I realized my second kiddo preferred activities of the kinesthetic and outdoor variety. The look on her face when I tried to crack the workbooks open once or twice this past summer was “are you serious?!” I know how thrilled I get when she decides to make someone a card and painting, and drawing on inappropriate surfaces is one of her favorite past times, so I think I will be off to buy a pack of tees and some fabric crayons tomorrow. Great post!

    Jennifer Cooper Reply:

    Oh I know exactly what you mean. That was the same look, which was accompanied by a groan and putting his head in his hands.

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