The Weekender

by , posted on February 14th, 2014 in Features

the road less traveled

Happy February 14th! I know I’m sneaking in this post just under the wire. Well, for those for you on the East coast of the US anyway. Hopefully, you’ll forgive me.

I hope you’ve had an amazing Valentine’s Day! Ours consisted of shoveling, dealing with morality lessons, heart shaped french toast and a big pot of chamomile and lavender tea. The plan is to end it with House of Cards and a large piece of mocha cake.

Before that happens though, a couple things…

An all new electric episode of Adventures in Learning airs Tuesday, February 18th!

Look for a special giveaway next week!

I am incredibly excited to be a part of this issue of We Are the Contributors which features 12 arty responsesto the word beginnings (it explains the illustration above)

A cool puzzle for the kids

What state should you live in? I got Pennsylvania.

Now this is some birthday fun

For when you need some drama; the good kind

Keeping it fresh

I’ll be honest, I get “you look just like so and so” a lot, but this one? Whoa. Do you have a doppleganger?

Have an amazing weekend! See you back here next week.

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2 Responses to “The Weekender”

  1. Melanie Biehle Says:

    February 24th, 2014 at 6:56 pm

    DUDE. That was totally you in that allergy commercial. OMG.

    Jennifer Cooper Reply:

    I know! I should totally bill Nasonex for using my likeness.

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