Together: A Letter Writing Journal for People in Love

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We recently redecorated our bedroom after many, many, many years of needing it. We finished the kids’ rooms but you know how it is when it comes to something for you—it’s usually something that can wait.

During the redesign, I found a stack of old love notes Dave and I wrote to each other when we were in our teens. The letters were filled with “I love you so so so much.” It was the analog version of a row of heart-eyed emojis. Dave and I cringe-laughed as we read them. One of the letters was even written on the back of a page of defensive driving notes from my driver’s ed class. Ha!

I think back to those days when we couldn’t wait to see one another. Such tension! Such passion! And here we are now, together pretty much every day and yet because of all the stuff and distractions of life, not always really seeing each other. You know what I mean? I like to think Dave and I do pretty well generally speaking, but after 24 years together you know, it’s easy to take the other for granted.

Sometimes, it’s the smallest acts that lead to the biggest impact. So here’s my question: Can something as simple as picking up a pen be the answer to rekindling a romance?

Josh Solar thinks so. “A good love letter will make you feel like you’re falling in love all over again.” He’s created Together: A Letter Writing Journal for People in Love to help you and your mate reconnect through love letters. He says, “My goal is to help couples connect by sharing their love through written words in a journal that will become a treasured keepsake.”

Josh sent us a book and I’m thoroughly smitten! Not only are there prompts for those of us who are rusty at crafting romantic prose (ahem, moi), but once you fill it up you have a sweet booklet you can leaf through again and again. Through kickstarter you can get a pack and send them to your favorite couples. Wouldn’t these be the sweetest and most thoughtful wedding or anniversary gift? I give a row of heart emojis to this idea.

The kickstarter runs through April 22! You can check out the rest of Josh’s line of stationery inspired by words of affirmation and love at Hello Happiness Card Company.

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