Treasures of Baltimore

Art + Play + Treasures = Oh Yeah!

by , posted on January 26th, 2012 in Arts & Crafts, Games & Creative Play

Our 3D Treasures of Baltimore Treasure Map

What's on our Baltimore treasure map? Why Fifi, food trucks, Fort McHenry, Walters Art Museum, Charm City Cakes, and the harbor of course

A conversation I had last week went something like this…

Heather: “I have this idea for getting a whole gaggle of kids together to make a treasure map, integrating the whole big idea of collaboration. You want in?”

Me: “You know it!”

And with that, a few more conversations, and a meet up at a wine bar in Hampden, the Cool Progeny/aMuse Toys/Childhood List/Classic Play-Collaborative-Baltimore-Treasure-Map-Pop-Up-Play-Date* was born.

*Working title**

**Pretty sure I’m the only one in the group using it as the working title

So that brings us to today’s post and the question: What exactly are we doing at this play date thing on Saturday anyhow?

Answer: We’re heading to aMuse Toy Store, where parents and kids will craft their favorite treasures of Baltimore (people, places and things) and put them on a great big map. You can bring cut outs from magazines, 3D objects, or draw your own treasures like we did. aMuse is providing art materials for you at the store!

We’re going to submit the finished map to BIG Kids magazine! Plus I’ve heard there’ll be a B’more photo booth where you can snap pics of the fam. I’m providing the props so don’t be surprised if you see silly things like John Water’s mustaches and beehive hairdos. Just sayin’…

Need some inspiration for Saturday? Take a look at co-host A Childhood List’s 10 Stops on our Baltimore Treasure Map.

See you on Saturday!

Walters Art Museum - it's a true treasure

Can't have a treasure map of Baltimore without ships docked in the harbor

It's the Gypsy Queen Food Truck!

Fifi watches over the Walters and a "magic treasure box"

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