Tween Style + HP Sprout = Design Your Own Teeshirt

by , posted on July 8th, 2015 in The Tween Years

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The thing I notice about having tweens is that their sense of individuality kicks into high gear. It’s pretty incredible to watch. It also brings back strong memories (e.g., peg-leg rolls, big bangs, and a regrettable pair of burlap shorts). I’m incredibly fond of those memories, even if I look back at pictures and wonder, What in the world was I thinking?! Going through those moments of self-expression were critical to both my development and my self-esteem. It makes sense, because allowing kids to express their individuality is key in helping them develop a positive self image.

It’s interesting to see how my kids’ generation uses art and technology to express themselves. For instance, our daughter recently spent an afternoon designing her own teeshirt using the HP Sprout. She started with a sketch, then gathered materials. She used the overhead camera to take pictures of her materials and manipulated them to create a collage. It was super simple and I sincerely love that the HP Sprout allows users to blend handwork with digital capture. Watch the video above to see how she did it…

You’ll Need:

White or light colored teeshirt
Inkjet transfer paper Note: I’ve tried many many different kinds of transfer papers and have found this one works the best! Seriously.
A few items you love


heart man

1. Use the overhead camera to capture images of items. Tap on the edit button > background > then use a stylus or your finger to outline what you’d like to keep, and ditch what you don’t want (ie. shadows, etc).

2. Save the image in your workspace.

3. Repeat steps 1 and 2 for any additional items.

4. Grab all your images and flick them down into your work area. Arrange them using the touch mat. You can enlarge or shrink them easily using two fingers.

5. Save your collage as a JPEG. Then when you go to print, just reverse your image so it prints backwards.

6. Use the manufacturers instructions on the transfer paper.

7. Iron the collage onto your teeshirt.

8. Strut your stuff.

Check out the creator’s gallery for some truly incredible ways you can use the HP Sprout!

HP Sprout_moustache

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  1. Haeley @ Design Improvised Says:

    July 13th, 2015 at 1:21 pm

    Super cool video – loved it!

    Jennifer Cooper Reply:

    Thanks Haeley!

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