Welcome to Egypt: Collar Necklaces

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Study Egypt through Art

For the month of October we decided to focus on one country and really explore some fun art lessons that are inspired by the culture and land. Welcome to Egypt!

If you have a globe or a map handy, help the kids find Egypt. Ask them what continent Egypt is on, and what are the surrounding nations, bodies of water? Capital? Language?

Studying Egypt through art

Once you’ve located Egypt, ask them what they already know about Egypt? Depending on your child’s age, they may have a ton of knowledge about things like the Nile River, the Great Sphinx, Egypt’s pyramids, or it’s Sahara Desert. Egypt has a very very long history, so you could spend weeks and months learning all about the people of Egypt and their country. But today we are going to focus on the arts.

Egypt is known for their gorgeous jewelry and costumes, especially their collars. This gorgeous collar was found when an Egyptian mummy was unwrapped at the Metropolitan Museum of Art. Look at the gorgeous beads, and intricate work.


Today we are going to create our own Egyptian collar. You’ll need yellow or gold construction paper, scissors, pasta, hole punch, yarn, paint and some glue.

art lesson - egypt

To make the collar shape, you’ll want to take a regular 8.5 x 11 sheet of construction paper and cut the bottom corners into a curve. Then use a whole punch for the opposite corners, these holes are where the yarn will eventually tie.

Egyptian collar art project for kids

Take your pasta shapes and paint them in some fun colors. Set them aside to dry. Once dry, glue them onto your collar in any design you’d like.

Egyptian art project

Learning about Egypt through art

You can also paint directly on the collar itself. Maybe an interesting design, or pattern that reminds you of what you’ve just learned about Egypt. Water to reflect the Nile River? Tan or brown to reflect the vast desert?

Egyptian collar art project

egyptian collar art project

Once the design is complete, tie the yarn at the hole punches for easy hanging. And there you have our first exploration into Egypt’s history with your very own Egyptian collar necklace!

egyptian collar art project

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