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I met Birute Efe through a comment she left here on the blog. Since that time, I’ve grown to develop a deep admiration for this mother of two raising her family in Turkey. I am honored to have this passionate woman who has a joyous outlook on life here to share her thoughts on motherhood. This parenting gig? It is tough, and it is beautiful. -Jen

what I love about parenting - Birute Efe of Playtivities

There is a video (still in VHS) of me in my pony tails answering a question: “What do you want to be when you grow up.?” My friends picked professions like doctors, bankers and teachers while I stood up and proudly announced that I will be….” A Mommy”. I was 6 years old then. 20 years later, my “career” took off so now I am devoted, fully employed and happy mama.

I love parenting every day for many different reasons.

Yesterday, I loved being a parent because I got to witness my child create something unbelievable. I feel so lucky to help her with her creative poetry journey. Honestly, I think I am in a bubble when she calls me and says, “Mama, I got a new poem!” I drop everything, sit on the porch and write as fast I can every word that comes out of her little mouth. I feel like the luckiest person on earth. To top that, I spend the evening with my husband reading and quoting poems of our daughter.

That laughter and full satisfaction I feel, is because I am a parent. And I love it.

Birute Efe has daily fun at her kids activities blog Playtivities and the farm where she lives with her family. She loves creating activities and toys for her 2 kiddos by up-cycling household items, so she will never walk pass by a big cardboard box or a pile of old magazines. She believes the best learning comes from exploring and creating.

About this series:
Throughout the month of April, I’m teaming up with my friend Jenny Yarbrough of The Southern Institute to celebrate the joys of parenting. Consider it a prelude to Mother’s Day. We’ve asked some of our readers to share what they love most about parenting.

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